Welcome to the art of Stephen Meakin.


Stephen Meakin is world-renowned for his highly recognisable signature aesthetic. Powerful Abstract Sacred Geometric paintings. These kaleidoscopic mandala-esque artworks have such an ethereal beauty it's like viewing music forming in air each with its own number, rhythm, cadence and tone. Created with the technical perfection of Celtic and Persian ornamental design and with mystical directive of the Rose Window and Sacred Mandala. Stephen Meakin creates paintings to 'Celebrate the Universe' in all it's awesome radiant beauty from snowflake to super nova.  

Our team

Our principal artist Stephen Meakin is supported by a team of mixed media experts. From the mega-high resolution photography and cmyk colour calibration. to the beautiful reproductions on paper and canvas. The artists London and Dubai agents who in turn are supported by The Mandala Company Secretary Jade Westmorland who also oversees admin for The Academy of Geomtric Arts.


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The world's most desirable mandala

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